About Ceviz Lab

Ceviz Lab is a roof where I gather my initiatives. ceviz.io is a technology blog where I mostly share my software experiences, problems and projects I encounter on a weekly basis. It is also a small contribution to the open source world. All kinds of questions, opinions, suggestions, even 'I have an idea but..' everything you say. Feel free to contact with me on my e-mail, Twitter or Instagram.

About Me

I was born in Balikesir/Turkey at 1993 of July. In 1998, my father bought a computer that name is "Escort". I learnt using PC with Chip and PCOyun magazines. The first website that I entered with ixir and 56K modem (that's my first internet provider) is grafi2000. When we realized that the internet was something that could end, I unplugged it and played flash games with offline mode of Internet Explorer.

I care about three things: Nature, free & easy access to information-health-justice, equality in income distribution. If you’re looking for a warrior for the things, feel free to contact me. I love open-source software that is why I am using Linux and open source applications such as Fedora 30, Ubuntu 16/18, Brave, VSCode, Vim, Docker, LibreOffice, WordPress.

    Job Experiences

    • 2015-2016 - Zorlu Holding - Budget Reporting Specialist
    • 2016-2018 - Reeder International - Business Analyst
    • 2018-2019 - Sabancı Holding - Business Analyst
    • 2019 -...... - Artistanbul - Software Developer

    Areas of Expertise

    • Python based: Flask, Django & Rest,
    • PHP based: Wordpress, WooCommerce, CodeIgniter,
    • Javascript based: React.js, Gatsby.js, React Native, jQuery
    • DevOps: Vagrant, Docker, Azure, Apache2, Nginx
    • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ
    • Tools: Django Channels, Redis, Celery, GitLab (+API), GitHub (+API),
      Redmine (+API), Sendgrid (+API), Slack (I ❤ Slack API),
    • Trying something with Arduino


    Yanci Tracker

    Food order tracking application for companies. It was written to track the debtors that disappeared after ordering, to remind them of their debts, to report who owes how much.

    • Python 3.7

    • Django 3.0

    • Django Rest Framework 3.11

    • Knox Token Auth

    • ReactJS 16.1

    • Redux 4

    • PostgreSQL

    Hello Minaste E-Commerce

    This is an e-commerce website initiative that sells products for me and my girlfriend, such as natural candles, incense, stones, ceramic products and lavender oil.

    Live: Hello Minaste

    • Wordpress 5.3.2

    • WooCommerce

    • PHP 7.4

    • MySQL

    • ElasticSearch

    Gratis Career

    Gratis’s corporate and career website. Includes job applications, employee interviews, information about the company.

    • Wordpress 5.1

    Badpanty E-Commerce

    C2C e-commerce site that supports exchanges with Cryptocurrency. Customers sell to customers.

    • Python 3.7

    • Django 2.8

    • Django REST Framework 3

    • React.js 16.1 + Jinja2 (two app on server with webpack bundle)

    • PostgreSQL

    • Celery

    • Redis

    HotNews Mobile App

    HotNews is mobile news application. The news shared from the user interface are sent as a notification to the users’ mobile phones upon request. It has the features of showing news according to the location, recording the news, commenting on the news.

    • Python 3.7

    • Django 2.8

    • Django REST Framework 3

    • React Native 0.59

    • Redux 4

    • Firebase

    ceviz.io Blog

    A personal blog that open-source where I share the problems I often encounter and the new technologies I learn. I used Papan01 themes on my site. If you are wondering how to install, deploy and improve, here url: Gatsby Starter Papan01

    GitHub Repo: Ceviz Blog

    • React.js

    • Node.js

    • Gatsby.js

    • GraphQL

    • Netlify CMS with CI

    • GitHub Pages

    virgul.co Blog

    The website that open-source and based on Jekyll (Ruby) where I shared my blog posts in the past. Content management is troublesome, has a lot of bugs. Therefore, it is no longer available.

    GitHub Repo: Virgul Co.

    • Ruby 2.6

    • RubyGem

    • Python 3.6

    • Github Pages

    • Bundle

    Hello Little Arduino

    It is a simple remote control system project with http socket using a simple Arduino Uno and a few leds. You can find my blog post, the details of which can be found at the following link: Hello Little Arduino

    GitLab Repo: Hello Little Arduino

    • Arduino UNO

    • OpenJDK

    • Node.js

    • Johnny-Five and narf libraries